Stakeholder Day – 30.11.2021

Invitation to stakeholder day 30 November 2021
Levulinic acid has long been identified as a versatile ‘green’ chemical precursor for many
applications. It is widely recognised as a platform substance for chemical synthesis and is seen as a key element in moving Europe towards increasing bio-based manufacturing.
However, to make that a reality, there has to be an adequate production capacity to be
build up to meet demand at a realistic price. During the last 5 years GreenSolRes has
investigated the technical, environmental and economic viability of converting
lignocellulosic biomass to levulinic acid or one of its esters for the manufacturing of
solvents and adhesive resins with added-value and functionalities.
The stakeholder day will present the results achieved and should pave the way for
commercial investors towards a first commercial plant for sustainable production of levulinic acid at the scale of 50 kta production to be used in bio-based industrial and consumer products.

The registration form can be accessed via the following registration link

Here you can see the GreenSolRes-Agenda