RWTH Aachen

Jürgen Klankermayer
Building: Sammelbau Room: 38B 410 Worringerweg 2. 52074 Aachen, Germany


8 beneficiaries from 4 countries (Austria, Belgium, Germany & Netherlands)

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PDF DocumentD1.9: Report on site acceptance test, design and construction of levulinic acid
demo plant
333 KBDownload
PDF DocumentD2.1: Report on optimized catalyst in batch mode555 KBDownload
PDF DocumentD2.2: Report on comparison of integrated vs. 2-­step process LVA to 2-­MTHF577 KBDownload
PDF DocumentD2.3: Report on design of demo plant681 KBDownload
PDF DocumentD2.4: Upscaling of catalyst801 KBDownload
PDF DocumentD2.6: Report on implementation of optimal
catalyst conditions in CSTR system
361 KBDownload
PDF DocumentD.2.12: Report on and production of at least 20 kg MeBDO for WP3 trials383 KBDownload
PDF DocumentD.2.13: Recycling and separation strategies
for catalyst and high boiling
383 KBDownload
PDF DocumentD.2.16: Report on catalyst performance383 KBDownload
PDF DocumentD2.17: Report on alternative homogeneous catalyst systems for hydrogenation
of levulinic acid of levulinic acid
524 KBDownload
PDF Document D2.18: Report on hydrogenation of alternative feedstock for producing 2-­MTHF,
700 KBDownload
PDF Document D2.19: Report on Kilogram samples produced for network partners (GVL, MeBDO and 2-MTHF)700 KBDownload
PDF DocumentD3.1: Report on and sample of newly developed P2-­MTHF-­polymer571 KBDownload
PDF DocumentD3.2: Industrial standard adhesive prototype-­summary696 KBDownload
PDF DocumentD3.3: Report on and sample of new developed PGVLpolymer, produced in kg-­scale
with Mw: 800-­10.000 Da
487 KBDownload
PDF DocumentD3.4: Industrial standard adhesive prototype based on GVL-derivative487 KBDownload
PDF DocumentD3.6: Report on market potential of a new adhesive product based on MeBDO 487 KBDownload
PDF DocumentD3.7: MeBDO polyester polyols summary696 KBDownload
PDF DocumentD3.9: Industrial standard adhesive prototype based on MeBDO-­polymer537 KBDownload
PDF Document D4.1: Data gap analysis summary801 KBDownload
PDF DocumentD4.2: Interim report on LCA361 KBDownload